Small wet turned bowls:

These are turned on the lathe using freshly cut timber. They distort as they slowly dry out. They are then put back on the lathe to skim their bottoms flat. I like the oval and triangular shapes that result.


These seven bowls were turned from Cherry.

Small dry turned bowls & boxes:

These are turned on the lathe whilst the wood is still wet, but left very thick. They are then put back on the lathe and turned down to their final size after they have dried and distorted. These bowls are perfectly round. Alternatively, bowls can be turned from dry wood.


A Cherry blank waiting to go on the lathe.


Two rough turned Cherry bowls ready for their final turning. They have dried out and distorted.


This bowl is another piece of Cherry. It is waiting to have its bottom skimmed flat.


This is a finished bowl turned from kild dried Walnut.


All my bowls are marked with the name of the wood, the year & my maker’s mark.

Pens, Key Rings, Light Pulls, Wine Bottle Stoppers, Candlesticks, & Night Lights:


Key Rings.


Hidden Compartment Key Rings.


Light Pulls. (Sold Out at the Wanstrow Christmas Craft Fair)


Wine Bottle Stoppers.

Other items are available to order:

Just give me your specifications.

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