November Half Term Children’s Pumpkin carving competition:

First Prize: Hepzibah Bevin, of Coleford.

Second Prize: Tom Roughley.

Third Prize: Aaron Butterfield.

Runners Up: Eirian Willcox, Chloe Butterfield, Sam Bevis and Theodore Duffus-Butler.

Carved Pumpkins

Pickle & Chutney Competition:

First Prize (Chutney): Virginia Purchon ~ Runner Bean Chutney.

First Prize (Pickles): Judy Duffus ~ Piccallili.

First Prize (Preserves): Judy Duffus ~ Chilli Jam.


Prizes won in the Frome Show 2014


Judy Duffus:

Overall winner of the Homecraft section.
First Prizes for Speciality Bread, Sponge Cake & Quiche.
Second prize for Shortbread, Scones, Lemon Curd & Homemade Bread.
Third prize for Raspberry Jam, Jar of Jelly, Honey.

Sheila March:

First Prize for Bread Rolls & Loaf of Bread.
Second Prize for Homemade Flavoured Spirit.

Anne Oakes:

Second prize for Lemon Drizzle Cake & Quiche.
Third prize for Stoned Fruit Jam.

Judy Holdway:

First, second and third prizes gained in the Flower Arranging sections.

Angela Steele:

Many prizes gained in the Egg section.

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